1. Planning and Zoning Boards will act independently and will not be guided by the Mayor.
  2. OPRA (Open Public Records Act) information requests will require a response by the Township Clerk and/or the Township Solicitor without delay.
  3. Video of Council and Board meetings will be made available on cable access television and the township website.
  4. Council and Boards will receive input and seriously consider recommendations that residents present during hearings.
  5. A Code of Conduct ordinance will be enacted for Council and Board members, providing guidelines for respecting and responding in a civil manner to resident’s complaints or suggestions.
  6. The Evesham MUA (Municipal Utilities Authority), Fire Department, Board of Education, and the Marlton Recreation Council will be treated as independent bodies serving the residents of the Township.
  7. Municipal leaders will restore the Township’s relationship with the Superintendent of the Evesham Township School District and avoid costly litigation at the taxpayers’ expense.
  8. Planning and redevelopment will balance Evesham’s history with preservation and progress by embracing the role of the Historic Preservation Commission.