Fiscal Responsibility

  1. Keep taxes stable and always look for opportunities to reduce costs through operational efficiencies.
  2. Smart development of all new buildings and parks to enhance Evesham’s appearance and benefit our residents.
  3. Provide a comprehensive plan for repairing roads and improving the traffic flow within the Township.
  4. Incorporate a long-term plan for stabilizing and increasing property values when planning & approving shopping centers or large apartment complexes; and/or dealing with vacant & abandoned homes and businesses.
  5. PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes a/k/a tax abatements) agreements exceeding five (5) years will be approved only after public debate and scrutiny.
  6. PILOT agreements will be fairly and proportionally shared with the Evesham Township School District, Lenape Regional High School District, and Fire Department to help reduce the financial impact on all taxpayer-funded entities.
  7. Re-establish a more meaningful pay-to-play ordinance.
  8. Apply tax assessments for Evesham Township School District properties with impartiality.
  9. Use Green Space taxes to buy additional open space.
  10. Reduce the Township’s debt service.