Evesham Township Democrats

The Evesham Township Democratic Party consists of two groups: 1) the Evesham Democratic Club, and 2) the Evesham Township Democratic Committee.

The Evesham Democratic Club is currently reorganizing with new members and leadership in order to better serve our community. Fundraising, social events, charitable giving, and outreach are the foundation of the Democratic Club’s goals.

If you’re interested in becoming an important member of the Democratic Club, please contact Phil at contact@eveshamdems.com.

The Evesham Township Democratic Committee is an organization dedicated to helping Evesham voters have their voices heard in the municipal, county, state, and federal governments through elections, information sharing, and grassroots organization.

With more registered voters in Evesham identifying themselves as Democrats than Republicans, it’s the Evesham Democratic Committee’s job to make sure that those voters are represented on our local town Council and in other levels of government.

The Evesham Township Democratic Committee is part of the Burlington County Democratic Committee. The official voting members of the Evesham Township Democratic Committee are called County Committee Chairs. See the section below to find our more about County Committee Chairs & Neighborhood Captains.

Philip Warren, Chair

Christie DeCarolis, Vice Chair

Sharyn Pertnoy-Schmidt, Treasurer

Cheryl Krementz, Recording Secretary

Leadership opportunities are available.
Contact Us and Sign-up for Monthly Emails

To contact the Evesham Democrats, email Phil at contact@eveshamdems.com, call or text (202) 641-5893, or fill out the form below.

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Monthly Meetings

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Gibson House, 535 East Main Street, starting at 7:00 PM. We usually do not meet in July or August.

We also have occasional coffee socials and casual get-togethers at the local brewery. The best way to stay informed is by email. Sign up for our emails here.

All meetings are open to all interested residents. Showing up late or leaving early is fine.

County Committee Chairs & Neighborhood Captains

County Committee Chairs are elected to office at every mid-term primary election (2018, 2022, etc…) for four-year terms. They can also be appointed in between elections if there is an unfilled seat.

County Committee Chairs are responsible for vetting and endorsing local and county candidates through each respective committee and working together under the guidance of the Chairs to help our candidates win office. County Committee Chairs are also responsible for electing the Burlington County Committee’s leadership after each mid-term election.

There are 32 voting districts and many neighborhoods in Evesham, and the Evesham Democrats need your help to make sure that every resident in town is involved and informed about township issues and elections.

Each voting district can have one male and one female County Committee Chair from each party. There are many openings for Democratic County Committee members in Evesham and can be filled by appointment until the next election in 2018, when members can easily get on the ballot and officially be elected to the position for a four (4) year term.

Roles & Responsibilities of County Committee Chairs

Neighborhood Captains are needed to do similar work to County Committee members, but are not an elected or appointed position. Instead, Neighborhood Captains are responsible for a smaller geographic area and are intended to primarily help just the local party out.

Being a County Committee Chair or Neighborhood Captain helps gets Democrats elected in Evesham and elsewhere in our state. Both positions are a great way to get involved in local politics and campaigns and learn how the process works and can be a great foot in the door for anyone interested in pursuing public office or more involvement in politics.

If you are interested in any of the positions, contact Phil at contact@eveshamdems.com or call/text to (202) 641-5893.